T.R.&Co. : "The newspaper strip"

Welcome to a very special section of this web site. Over the years I've thought, as many cartoonists do, of producing a cartoon strip for the regular daily newspapers. I had never really given much thought about T.R.&Co. being a candidate for the comics page- since it was strictly based in sci-fi and comics fandom, and not meant for a mainstream audience. But, try as I did to create some "vehicle of humor"  meant for those pages, I just couldn't seem to "breathe life" into any characters the way I did with T.R. and his friends. 

The foundation for the newspaper version was laid around 1987, with the creation of Uncle Harry. He went through a number of physical changes rather quickly, "fannish" stories were plotted, but not meant for books to be produced anytime soon. So, he was put away in folders, not to see the light of day again (except for a brief period in the early '90s) until the end of last year when the time felt right to "go for the newsprint". 

All that time the ideas and stories had simmered and "fermented" until how he fit into T.R.'s world finally fell into place. He would be a "conduit", a bridge, between the two worlds: the regular mainstream (what fans call "mundane"), and the "fannish" world of clubs and conventions. Being his uncle, rather than a parent, he could be more of a friend to T.R. , and with his rather eccentric and adventuresome personality, he could be accepted as a part of the fan world as well. This easily sets the stage for "cross-over" story plots that will run from the books set in fandom, to the newspaper strip and what happens in fans' lives when they go home from the conventions. Like Bloom County or FoxTrot, it will have many "fan" stories, but instead of being "on the outside-looking in", T.R.&Co.is "on the inside-looking out". 

Tim Riley