About The Artist


A native of Panama City, Florida, Tim and his art have been around organized fandom since 1974. Being self-taught, his art talent got its first big test when, at the age of thirteen he did the promo-poster for a local Star Trek convention with "rub-on-letters"-one letter at a time. His payment: all the left-over posters. * (He hasn't had to buy a piece of poster board in over 25 years)*  His art has appeared in many SF and Trek club newsletters and fanzines, and many professional publications such as the ones listed on the opening page. 

High school, and then college found him heading for a career in broadcasting. While working at both the college newspaper and radio station at the same time, he found that he liked doing cartoons more than writing articles: his cartoons weren't usually "nit-picked to death" in the editing process unlike his articles. 

Over the years he has been able to utilize his art skills while working in a wide variety of fields. These have included designing and building custom computers while at a electronics company in Houston, Texas, graphic design and production at a t-shirt/screen printing company, and as a newspaper editorial cartoonist (and reporter) for a small weekly newspaper to name just a few. While living in Houston in the early to mid '80s, he was a co-owner of "The Glass Dynasty", a custom etched glass and mirror company. Both commercial and residential projects were done in Houston, and the surrounding areas. Some of the work can still be seen at such locations as the condo complex at 212 Main St. downtown Houston, and various restaurants and lounges around the city. A major project was all the glass and mirror work in the Hilton Towers in Lafayette, LA..

Although, over the years logistics and circumstances have dictated the direction and substance of much of his art work-through it all his most personal effort has been his cartoon strip T.R.&Co. His own experiences in fandom over the years have helped to form and bring to life its characters and stories. From entering the world of organized fandom when he helped start a Star Trek club at age 13, then starting out doing one-day comic shows in the mid-'70s to help the club raise money, which became a full-time job (adventure) being a comic/sf convention dealer and even having a small shop for a time. Having attended hundreds of  conventions over the years, and having met and befriended many of the stars and professionals he had admired as a fan-all this and more is what is drawn upon when creating "fannish adventures" his characters T.R., Joe, and Buttons go on. 

Tim Riley 2001